Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Phil Robertson vs. A&E Debate

I just thought I would put in my two cents on this issue. Here is what I think is sad. The issue is not about whether or not Phil Robertson believes homosexuality is a sin or whether or not he proclaimed it for the world to hear. We should be worrying about what God thinks about it.

Isn't it just like satan to take a God-fearing man like Phil Robertson and use him for his glory? I wonder if the Robertsons have even taken the time to consider that.

I love how people, some of whom I know personally who are eons away from declaring God's power in their life or that Jesus is their Lord and Savior, have taken on the platform of proclaiming Phil Robertson as some sort of hero. He is being idolized, which is exactly what satan set out to do.

Gazillions of people are backing Phil Robertson. I wonder how many of them are God-fearing Christians who back what God, Himself, says?

We do not watch Duck Dynasty. And this is just another example of why we won't.

I think it's great that the Robertson family wants to use their show to proclaim their faith. But they are human. They will fail. They will make mistakes, just like all of us. We cannot put our belief in what they do or do not say.

Come on, people, do not be deceived into believing that you are going to learn God's Truths on reality television.

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