Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Collage of 2013 Memories

This past year was a good one! It had some endings and some beginnings, we tried some new things, and we grew much closer as a family. Here is a set of collages, with one photo representing each month of 2013.

January - We started off our new year with a visit from the newest baby cousin, Bell. This was the first time all of the O'Neal cousins were together.

February - Rick and I started doing some landscaping at our house. It was a clean slate … believe me. Our first order of business was creating my gardening area. I enjoyed it all year!

March - The little kids and I took our Spring Break trip with grandma to Pensacola. We had a lot of fun at the beach!

April - Kyndal went to her senior prom with Collin.

May - Kyndal graduated from high school. She and I celebrated her big day with Mother-Daughter tattoos!

June - We spent many evenings at the ball park as Brynne played her first season of softball.

July - Many Saturdays were spent at Grandma and Papa's lake house riding in the boat and fishing.

August - And when we weren't at the lake, we were swimming at the pool!

September - Sports continued for Brynne as she moved on to volleyball. Eli and Brynne also started a bowling league.

October - The little kids and I met up with our blogging-and-now-real-life friends, the Weavers, and had a few days of Lake School at my parents' lake house.

November - Dawson was called into work for a meeting because he was awarded Employee of the Month! He is well-loved at his job at the nursing home, and really cares for the residents. He was also hired as a Head Game Master for a Minecraft homeschooling company.

December - This month it was ALL about spending time together as a family! We had a wonderful holiday season .. the best we have ever had.

And for the Bonus photo … this is the 13th photo I took in 2013.

We spent many days at our local park … warm days, cold days, snowy days, windy days.  It's a wonderful park that is just a short bike ride away. I have been going there since I was a little girl.

This certainly wasn't all that went on during the year. Dawson attended a couple of school dances. The little kids and I tagged along on a conference trip with Rick to St. Louis. Eli had Scouting events. We all celebrated birthdays. I fell and tore a ligament in my knee. I got a job as an online adjunct professor. Kyndal started cosmetology school. The little kids and I took a second trip to Florida. Eli and Brynne both learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels. Lots of teeth were lost. Brynne started her first basketball season. And there were many more events along the way.

We were blessed with very little illness, with the only real issue being Kyndal having a partially collapsed lung a couple of months ago (from which she has recovered nicely). We had typical annoyances with car and home repairs. But, otherwise, our year was amazing! 

I am certainly praying for more blessings for our family this year and for an abundance of growth as a family.

How was your 2013? Care to share in a set of collages? I am linking up with Pam at Everyday Snapshots in her 13 for 13 Linky. This will also be linked at the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog carnival that will go live on January 8th.

Looking Back at 2013

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  1. Oh goodness you did have quite the year of ups and downs -- sounds like mostly ups though. We spend so much time in the pool too each summer and I love "lake school." Your choice of bonus photo was cool. Love how you did that. Thanks for linking up!


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