Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The ABC's (and D's and E's) of Our Homeschool Success ~ "B"oard {Homeschool Essentials Blog Hop}

Yesterday I told you about how we cannot operate in our homeschool without "A" Plan. Today I am going to share with you the number one essential tool we use all day, every day, and absolutely could not operate without it ….. It's our "B"oard … our white board to be exact.

We are eclectic homeschoolers in the materials we teach our children. But, I teach in a very classic way. We sit together at our dining room table and discuss our subject matter. Then I hop up and write and draw illustrations on the white board. I can honestly say that we use it for every subject every day.

We use it in various ways: I write examples, spell difficult words, diagram sentences, and draw illustrations. We use it for brainstorming our writing ideas. Sometimes instead of each of the kids writing answers on paper, individually, we do assignments together and write the answers on the board. The kids diagram sentences on the board and do math problems. And, sometimes, they just draw when we have a few minutes.

Our Board gets a workout!

Two years ago when I decided that a white board was an essential that we needed, I went browsing at Office Depot. I wanted a standalone white board because we do not have a designated school room and I did not want it hung on the wall. I was shocked at the prices …. around $500!!

So, I turned to Amazon and found one ON SALE for $48.88. At the time it was originally over $300. When I was doing a search this morning I found the exact board we purchased with a price of $77.50 (the original price is now just $79.99). Knowing what I know about this particular board, I would still purchase it at full price. It is exactly what we need and suits all of our purposes. There are, obviously, lots of other options out there, as well, for pretty decent prices. You just have to do a little shopping.

If you have any questions about this particular brand of board or just need some advice about what works or doesn't work for us, just leave me a comment.

I am not an affiliate of Amazon, nor have I been requested to review this product. I just enjoy sharing good stuff with you when I find it.

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  1. We have two small, hand-held white boards that we use all the time!! They are lifesavers!

  2. We have various sizes of white boards for our homeschool. They are such wonderful tools to have in our homeschool! :) ~Heather @ Principled Academy/ the Crew

  3. I think it is so interesting to see what others consider important. We do not have a large whiteboard but we do have several small ones. We use them every single day. That ability to write and erase is just magical for the kids and they are excited to do some things just because they can write on the dry erase boards. If I every need a larger one, I'll be coming back to see which one you are recommending.


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