Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Day ~ January 2014

I am joining Nicole at Journey to Josie again this year for her First Day linky. It's always fun to document our first day of the month, the pretty and the not-so-pretty. As New Year's Day was an ultra-lazy day for us (except for a walk Kyndal and I took midday), you are getting ready to see lots of relaxation.

Yes, this is what time I actually climbed out of bed.

Happy January 1st!

Eli and Daddy lounging on the couch before ….

Eli spent a day playing Legos.

Chloe and Kyndal relaxed in the sitting room ...

… with me while we watched Rick do some vacuuming.

The family enjoying some spaghetti ...

prepared by Kyndal and Collin.

It was time for Daddy to head back to Oklahoma to work after being home for a week.

I grabbed a cup of hot tea and watched the Call the Midwife holiday special.

And then it started snowing …. It's our first snow of 2014.


  1. Looks like a wonderfully relaxing day. :) We got fog instead of snow. :)

  2. We got snow too! Probably because we are 'neighbors'!

  3. What a fun post! Ready for the big snow coming in this weekend?


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