Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baker's Passports ~ Little Bite Baking Passport {Review}

We have dabbled in Spanish instruction over the past couple of years. So I was very excited about the opportunity to review a yummy product by Baker's Passports called Little Bite Baking Passport.

Little Bite Baking Passports are designed as a fun, interactive foreign language experience whereby children are taught the fundamentals of baking all while learning words in either Spanish, French, or Japanese. In each language there are three recipes from which to choose: chocolate oat cookies, sugar cookies, or butterscotch brownies. We chose the butterscotch brownie recipe in Spanish. The Passports are targeted for ages 5-12, but any child can play along. My 19 year old was right in the middle of the action.

Let's get right to the fun!

The first instruction included washing your hands! That was a great way to start!

Then we gathered our ingredients and kitchen tools. These butterscotch brownies were so easy to make! We had every single ingredient in our pantry or fridge. They were all basic items. No, we didn't even need any butterscotch chips … the recipe was so easy that we achieved the flavor without it!

We kept the recipe pulled up on our computer and followed right along. We finger-traced the Spanish words on the table as we read them.

The recipe even required us to take a break to discuss some fractions. We are just starting to learn about fractions so this was a great real life example. The recipe called for 3/4 tsp. of baking powder. And we only had a 1/4 tsp. measuring spoon. How could we get 3/4 tsp. with it?

Yep! Three 1/4 tsp. scoops would do it. Nineteen year old sister showed them a trick for how to get nice, even measurements.

Then we had more lessons in measurement. I needed 1 cup of brown sugar. With this amount, did I need more or less? How much to I already have? How much more do I need?

Watching the brown sugar melt into the butter was entertaining.

Stir, stir, stir! How do you say that in Spanish? (We now know!)

Breaking eggs is the funnest part of cooking.

Well, sprinkling in the dry mixture was pretty fun, too.

We drew imaginary lines from the Spanish words to the pictures they represented. We made a couple of mistakes here!

While our delicious brownies were baking, we printed off the crossword puzzle and completed it.

And when the timer beeped, we had a yummy treat! They were perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious!

Do you know what would have made these pictures even cuter? … If each of the kids were wearing an apron, chef's hat, and using a personalized spoon. And Baker's Passport is working to provide such a physical product!

Right now their Little Bite Baking Passports are in electronic format only. And they are a bargain at just $5 each. But, Meg at Baking Passports has a vision of providing Baker's Passport Activity Kits which would include the recipe and foreign language lesson that we used in electronic form, along with a chef's hat, apron with the Baker's Passport logo, a fun smiley face mixing spoon, and a kid-sized eco friendly grocery bag.

Baker's Passport has partnered with Kickstarter to help raise funds to launch this new product. There are many levels of support available, even one as low as $5 which would provide you with your choice of Little Bite Baking Passports in either Spanish, Japanese, or French. You choose the recipe. Your support will go to help Baker's Passport move closer to their goal of providing the Baker's Passport Activity Kits.

If you would like to order one of the Little Bite Baking Passports, you can go directly to Baker's Passport's Kickstarter site and make your donation there. You will still get the exact same electronic product, but will be supporting Baker's Passport as well. It's a win-win. And, you might just decide you would like to pledge an even higher amount for even better rewards (maybe all three recipes in your chosen language, or one of the first Activity Kits off the production line).

I invite you to watch the following video for more information about Baker's Passport

We really enjoyed the Little Bite Baking Passport. The Spanish lessons were informative and educational, the recipes was easy and fun to make, and the brownies were divine! In fact, one of the kids mentioned that she would really like to get back into learning more Spanish. The other one said that he would like to do a recipe in Japanese. I think we will have to look into doing both!

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