Saturday, March 29, 2014

Second Place, Baby!

The last basketball tournament of the year did not start out so well! Thursday night our team played horrible and lost the first game against a team they have beaten before (but who has also beat them). They always play a pretty close game. But this time our girls just weren't in it. It's been a long season.

The tournament resumed this morning. We arrived believing that we were playing one game for 3rd place and we would be out of there in an hour. However, there on the wall was a double-elimination bracket. If we won our first game we would play again, against the team we had lost to on Thursday. If we won that game we would go onto the championship game.

We won both.

Brynne even got a basket! She played like a rockstar, as usual. She rebounded, made several assists, and just played really smart!

Our girls finished their season climbing up the loser's bracket and winning 2nd place.

And a team trophy.

The girls were so excited! With all of the faults of the season, it was still a good one where Brynne got a good first taste of a sport she has declared as her favorite!

Now moving onto softball ….

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