Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blogging Through the Alphabet (Favorites Edition) ~ G is for Garden

I love to garden.

I love starting something from virtually nothing, nurturing it, and producing fruit. It is soothing to me and makes me very, very happy.

My garden area is special to me, a place where I can retreat by myself and wander amongst my raised beds, stopping to clean up this one, water that one, and pull weeds from yet another.

My garden gives me a sense of accomplishment and peace.

I thoroughly enjoy any vegetables and fruits that come from my garden, but even in those years where my production has been low I have enjoyed just watching my garden grow.

So far this year I have already harvested all of my lettuce. I have carrots that are a few weeks away from being ready.

My tomato plants are monsters!! And there are cherry tomatoes popping up.

I have two types of pepper plants, some cabbage and brussel sprouts that I hope to keep the bugs and other critters from eating.

The green beans are coming along, and I need to plant some more. This is the first time I have planted cantelope and they are looking great! And, my first pumpkin patch. Oh, I cannot wait until all of the flowers are in bloom and we dig in the fall to find pumpkins!!

If you can't find me around the house, just check my garden and I am probably there milling around, picking weeds and just looking things over. It's my happy place.

Ben and Me

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