Sunday, June 1, 2014

WOW! What a Weekend!

This was the big weekend … the one where we moved Kyndal and Collin into their new house. I am so exhausted right now I can barely move my fingers to type. We accomplished more than I ever thought imaginable, and not just at their house.

Here is a wrap-up of our weekend:

On Friday, Collin and I drove to meet Rick to close on the house. I signed my papers and then shot out of there to get to Brynne's softball game that was back in our hometown just an hour later. Rick met me there to watch her game while Collin and Kyndal went back to the house with Collin's mom to start prepping the house for painting.

After the game we immediately went to their house and started painting. They had taped off the bedroom. Rick taped off the living room while I started the precision work in the bedroom. Kyndal, Collin, Pam (Collin's mom), Taylar, Taylar's mom and Dawson started rolling. Then we moved to the living room while Rick cut in around the ceiling in the bedroom. He cut in around the ceiling in the living room while we moved to the kitchen to tape off and paint.

In the meantime, Collin was doing some work outside, primarily taking down a huge antenna that was on the roof. We painted until about midnight and then called it a night.

On Saturday morning Rick and I got up and drove over an hour to Kansas City (to the closest Home Depot) to get more paint. We stopped about half-way home at Lowe's to get the stain for our front porch and blinds for the kids' house. We also couldn't resist picking up some flower pots for them, too.

When we got back to the house we put another coat of paint on everything. While Collin and his dad Tracy ran some new electrical to move the refrigerator, and several other "manly" projects, the girls and I headed to the Amish greenhouse to buy some knock-out roses and flowers for their pots. We also went with Dawson and Austin (Collin's brother) to pick up a bed for their spare bedroom and a kitchen table and chair set. The guys also did lots of other moving of furniture and putting it all together.

Pam and Tracy brought food and we brought over our grill for some burgers, hot dogs and brats, chips, mac and cheese, dips, and other great food. We ate in stunned silence because of the exhaustion.

Rick left early afternoon to go back to our house and start staining our front porch. He got half of it done on Saturday night and the other half done on Sunday morning.

I got up on Sunday morning to teach Sunday school and then headed back to Kyndal and Collin's to plant some flowers and check on their progress. Pam and Tracy had helped them get completely moved in … things on the walls and everything.

I came back home and painted our front and back doors and our front steps. Then Kyndal and I went to Lowe's, Aldi, and Walmart to get groceries. We shopped for about two hours and then stopped for some KFC and some rest time.

We came home, unloaded both sets of groceries, and I left Kyndal, Collin, and Chloe to enjoy their new home alone. I then went home and unpacked my own groceries and finished staining the front porch.

And now that I have sat down on the couch I don't know if I am going to be able to get up and move. I have dishes to unload from the dishwasher and I don't know if I can get to them. I must try so I can go to bed.

Next weekend is another busy weekend, and Rick is planning to try to get the trim on our house repainted. This week I am going to paint the back entryway of our house, down the stairs to the basement, and finish painting the exterior doors. Then I think we will be done for a while. Oh, and I need to get some more flowers planted.

There are always things to do around the house. And now we have two.


  1. Oh my word, I can imagine that you are exhausted! What a sweet house- I pray they will be happy and blessed there!


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