Sunday, July 6, 2014

First Day ~ July

Yesterday I shared how we celebrated our 4th of July. But let's rewind a few days to our First Day post for July. The photos were taken but I've been too busy to download them and do this post. So, here is how we spent our 1st day of July.

An early morning bike ride with Brynne

This was our first day doing this route at the park.

It's a great view when riding!

Later Eli did some math work with fractional remainders.

My first pumpkin! It has grown a ton in the few days since then.

Ted the Cat in front of the pumpkin and sunflower patch.

This is a great personal Bible study if anyone is interested in one!

We are really working on Brynne's diet. She had turkey and grated carrots on pita with apples and a cheese stick.

Kyndal cut about 3-4 inches off my hair.

I was carrying on a serious conversation in this one.

Doesn't she do a great job?

Had to stop at Lowe's to get more paint for the exterior trim of our house that Rick is painting.

And some bread. I love the deals at the Sara Lee store!

Mommy, let us in! (I need to spray for weeds!)

Finished the night with Dawson's favorite dinner of manicotti and french bread.

Join Nicole at Journey to Josie for her First Day link up. It's lots of fun!

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  1. Oh, your hair looks cute! I cut 16 inches off mine last summer and am growing it out again.I need a "style" to it though! Looks like those pumpkins are going well! Still waiting on flowers here! Soon, I hope.


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