Friday, July 25, 2014

Random 5

Joining Miranda at Random 5 on Friday again this week.

1. We are all packed for our 10 day trip to California, and we are soooo excited! We have a lot planned, but I am most looking forward to just seeing the kids experience places they have dreamed about for so long. Must-sees are Hoover Dam, Legoland, San Diego Zoo, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pink Ladies, and the real house that was used as the house front for Full House.

2. The little kids and I went for our eye appointments yesterday. Thankfully neither kid needs glasses! Eli does have the same lazy eye that I have that will require him to wear glasses for reading when he is older, but nothing now. Brynne had perfect vision. I was pleased to learn that I can put off bifocals for another few years! Dawson went for his exam on Tuesday and he has astigmatism and needed a new prescription for his glasses.

3. Project Runway started again last night! Yay! It's my absolute favorite show. Speaking of favorite shows .... my beloved Shemar Moore will be back on The Young and the Restless on September 10th and 11th. Set your DVR!! Oh, Malcolm, I have missed you! But, I still prefer you as Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. Yowzer! (Do you follow Shemar on Instagram? It's a great way to get a daily dose of him. He is awesome with his fans and a super great guy!)

4. Tonight we are having Christmas in July at our house. We are a movie quoting family and one of our favorites is Christmas Vacation. Taylar has not experienced the movies we quote as much as we have and she is wanting to watch all of our favorites so she can, at least, follow along when we get started. We are going to have a minimalized Christmas turkey dinner and watch the movie together as a family. We are goofy and I love us!

5. My printer broke. Boo. We use it every single day in schooling so I have to replace it asap. Happy Birthday to me! (That's what I'm spending my birthday money on from my parents.) Anyone have a recommendation for the best monochrome (black and white only) printer/scanner that has cheap replacement cartridges? I don't need anything fancy ... just something that prints.


  1. I'm having printer issues too! :sigh: What a frustration! I so do not want to buy another! (My birthday isn't until December...)

  2. Sounds like fun have a safe trip. I would say take lots of pictures but then sometimes taking lots of pictures mean your not in the moment. So take some pictures and enjoy all the moments! :)

    Yippee for no glasses. So far my girls don't need them and shocker: I don't need them (fingers crossed I don't ever need them but that is wishful thinking I'm sure!)

    - snapshotsbygidget instagram

    My printer broke a while ago and my mom gave me her's since she never uses hers. I can't imagine homeschooling and not having a printer.

  3. Shemar Moore? Umm, yeah!!! ;)

    Can't wait to see vacation pics.

  4. That is some trip!! Not sure how you are getting from San Diego to the Golden Gate but a few spots worth stopping for- Monterey (go to the pier and taste clam chowder- the vendors pass out samples), the Marin Headlands (when you cross the Golden Gate), and the trolley museum in SF (free). Pier 39 in SF is a tourist trap, but the wharf can be fun to walk around. This is near the pier and very cool-

  5. Oh! And Hoover Dam tip- we just visited there. We arrived very first thing in the morning when they opened. I was so surprised that it was so quiet. We practically had the whole thing to ourselves. I thought it must not be as much of an attraction as I thought. Not so! But the time we left, it was a zoo. One of our favorite things was to walk to the new bridge and walk across to view the dam.

  6. I love that you wrote about Project Runway and I am not the only homeschooling mom that watches that here in Utah with the other mom's no one knows about it. LOL thanks for making my random 5 dreams!

  7. My daughter, Alyssa, would love to visit California! Christmas in July! How fun!

  8. Christmas in July night sounds awesome! I love that movie!
    Have a great time in California. I can't wait to hear all about it!


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