Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Past Several Days

We have had a very busy week! I feel like I have been saying that a lot lately. But I guess that is to be expected with summer activities.

We crammed in as much time with Tim, Shawna and Bell before they headed back to their home in Portland, Oregon.

Brynne participated in a volleyball camp at a nearby university last week. I loved sitting and watching her play (and sneaking in several hours of reading time!).

She finished her softball season on Thursday night. She and I agreed that we are glad that we have a break from sports for a few weeks. We are exhausted!

On Saturday the little kids and I headed back to Oklahoma to attend the wedding of our only nephew. Tommy and Jenn had a beautiful, albeit hot, outdoor wedding.

Afterward we went back to my brother and sister in law's house, where Rick lives during the week, to spend time with Rick's whole family. This was the first time all of his siblings and spouses were together in many, many years. We had such a good time hanging out and talking. On Sunday we went to lunch with Rick's family before the kids and I came back to Missouri.

We went straight to my sister's for my niece's birthday party and the reveal party for her baby. She is having a girl.

This week things are MUCH quieter. We are enjoying the beginning of a few days of unseasonably cooler weather. I love it!

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  1. It looks like you are having a lot of fun! Enjoy your relaxing, cool week!


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