Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Day ~ November

My breakfast

Brynne's medicine (the medicine), Rick's medicine (Dr. Pepper), my medicine (the obvious) 

Poor baby girl ran a fever for 8 straight days.

When she wasn't in her sick bed, Crusoe was.

And my king-size bed is home. Yay!!!

Browsing Pinterest for some new soup recipes.

Buck is wherever anybody is sitting still.

Rick was in the mood for some blueberry muffins.

A game of Yahtzee.

Comfort food: Chicken and dumplings, dressing and corn.

Again, poor baby girl .... and Buck.

Join Nicole @ Journey to Josie for her First Day linkup.


  1. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. How's she doing? Any Better? Praying for a speedy recovery

  3. Love your captures of your first day. Hope your girl is feeling better!

  4. You live such a cozy life! I love first day pictures.
    I sure hope Brynne is feeling better. Poor girl!


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