Saturday, November 15, 2014

Random 5

1. Well, now Eli has the virus that hit Brynne so hard a couple of weeks ago. He has the exact same symptoms she had ... a very slight sore throat, a very tiny bit of stuffy head, and a fever. So we are back to being snuggled up at home.

2. Out of all the t.v. shows I like to watch (and there are many), Project Runway is my favorite. However, I realize that I must suck at identifying New York caliber fashion. On this week's episode of All-Stars, the six designers I picked with the strongest designs were in the bottom six. Apparently there's a reason I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and not a fashion magazine editor. You will only get how funny this next statement is if you are a fan of the show. If you aren't then you can just skip ahead to number 3 .... "Do you know the people who hate Nina Garcia? People who suck."

3. My niece Rylee is having a baby right now as I type. I mean she is literally pushing out her baby girl as I am typing this. My mom just texted me and said that the baby is face up so she is having trouble pushing. Shoot up a little prayer for her if you don't mind. UPDATE: Ellie Noelle was born this morning and weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz. She is perfect and beautiful! Mama and baby are both tired but doing great!

4. It is coooooold! Winter has come early to the Midwest. It's supposed to get down to 10 degrees this week. We are not quite ready for this burst of frigid air. I love winter, but not when we are supposed to be enjoying our favorite season of fall!

5. My sister-in-law, Shawna, has written a children's book and is participating in Kickstarter to try to get funding to get it published. It is called The Wheels on the Bicycle and is an adaptation of The Wheels on the Bus. Tim (my brother) and Shawna live in Oregon and are part of the bicycle movement (they even moved all of their furniture and belongings to their house with bicycles!) so this project is very near and dear to them. If you would like an opportunity to make a pledge and receive a copy of her book when it is published, you can go to THIS LINK. Any pledge would be appreciated. Shawna will not make any profits on the book. She has done this out of pure passion and all money charged for the book will go directly to publishing and shipping costs.


  1. that stinks about Eli :( sending speedy recovery prayers his way. Glad your niece and baby are doing well. I'm a children's book reviewer and work with all kids of children's publishing companies from Random House Kids to Tiger Tales and more. Let me know if I can help any it sounds like a cute title and idea!


  2. I can't believe baby Ellie is already here! I hope they are all doing well!


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