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Random 5 on Friday

This week I thought I would update you on some things that you might, or might not, have wondered about  ...

1. Brynne is feeling much better. After 8 straight days of fever between 101 and 103 degrees, it finally broke on Sunday. Then she started a raucous cough that had her throwing up a couple of mornings. But it was good and productive and now it's just an annoyance. The last couple of days she has developed a clogged nose and ears so is on some decongestants now. Hopefully she will be all cleared up in a couple of days.

2. Collin recovered physically from his wreck and is now putting in about 70 hours a week at his latest job. The job site is over 3 hours from his and Kyndal's home so he is staying with an uncle who lives closer to the site. Since he no longer has a vehicle he is driving Kyndal's car so we are getting her to and from her job every day. She doesn't like to stay at home alone so she is back to staying with us the majority of the time. Collin's job doesn't end until January so they will be enduring this separation for a good amount of time, even through the holidays. At this time it doesn't look like he will be off for Thanksgiving or Christmas. But they are adjusting well to the arrangements because he is making a really good wage that will allow them to purchase him a new vehicle, pay off some student loans, and save for leaner months and a honeymoon.

3. Kyndal has changed from a commission job at the salon to booth rent. This is all new to her, being responsible for her own product, budget, and taxes. But she is handling it like a pro and is excited to see how her business will grow.

4. I understand how Kyndal feels with being separated from her love. Rick and I have been doing this for over two years now, with no real end in sight. At least we do get to see each other on the weekends. I get a little bummed out at times that we don't seem to be getting far enough ahead as fast as we would like. Finances are a real downer, especially around the holidays. And I let it get to me at times and then our weekends together are a little down because I am. I am afraid I haven't been much fun to be around the past couple of weeks. We don't spend a lot of money on things outside the necessities, and necessities have been expensive lately. But we always try to make room for some special things, like for birthdays and holidays. I felt much cheerier this week as Rick and I made plans for our annual weekend trip to Tulsa when we take the kids to see Santa Claus (the real Santa Claus is at Bass Pro Shops in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, in case you didn't know), to see the Christmas light display at Rhema Bible College, and to celebrate Christmas with Rick's sister and her family. This year his company's Christmas party is the same weekend that we are there so we will be leaving the kids at the hotel with our niece and going out together. I am looking forward to that weekend! The thought of it has actually made me start to get into the Christmas spirit!

5. Never underestimate the power of a comfortable bed. Seven years ago Rick and I bought new bedroom furniture and a new mattress set for the king sized bed. I didn't know how poorly I had been sleeping for the first 35 years of my life until I slept in that bed. Rick brought the bed home to Missouri a couple of weekends ago for us to have here instead of him using it in Oklahoma. Oh. My. Gosh. I have been sleeping like a rock! It is so comfortable and roomy and I forgot how much I really loved it. It is as comfortable today as the first day we slept in it all those years ago. If you are having trouble sleeping, invest in a new mattress set! It will seriously change your life!


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