Friday, February 6, 2015

Random 5

1. I am on a quest to get healthier (exercise, diet, sleep, attitude, etc.) and had a goal to lose 11 pounds by Kyndal's wedding in July. I started keeping track of my weight on December 30th. Prior to yesterday I had lost 3 pounds, of which I was very proud. Losing weight the slow and steady way means that it is coming off in a healthy way and is likely to stay off with reasonable maintenance. But last night I weighed and had gained back 1.4 pounds of it. Grrrr .... Now, I may or may not be retaining some fluid this week, and that could be the culprit. Or I may just be at an age and body stage where I weigh what my body wants to weigh. I have had a hard time losing even five pounds over the past couple of years, although I can't say I tried too terribly hard. For just a second I was frustrated last night. But as I thought about it I realized that there is just not a thing I could do differently. I exercise every day, burning around 250 calories doing Tae Bo. I am eating so incredibly healthy consuming lots of vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, and maintaining a healthy balance of carbs and fats. I am eating almost completely clean. I feel great! I know I have lost inches in my things and hips because my clothes are fitting better and I can see a physical difference. If I eat any less calories than I am eating then I will be eating an unhealthy amount. I am eating a little over 1250 calories a day (and having to make myself eat that much because I am just not hungry) and burning off about 250 of them for a net calorie intake each day of 1000 calories. To be honest, if I end up losing a total of about 6 or 7 pounds I will be happy. And with my eating habits and exercise I will be a toned 6 or 7 pounds lighter. I have no reason to be discouraged. I am, ultimately, doing what I set out to do .... get healthier.

2. I have memorized two full scriptures so far this year and am working on number three. This is another goal I have ... to memorize 24 scriptures this year as part of the Siesta Scripture Memorization Team with Beth Moore of Living Proof Live Ministries. I have even drug my four church circle friends into it with me. I am so proud of all of us for the hard work we are putting into this area of our lives. God's Word will not return void!

3. We have a super crazy busy weekend coming up. Brynne has basketball practice tonight. Tomorrow she has a game, and then I am taking the girls to the city to get Brynne and Taylar's bridesmaids dresses ordered and to look for a prom dress for Taylar. On Sunday Eli and Brynne are bowling in a tournament at 9:00 a.m. and again at 1:00 p.m. I am going to be worn out come Sunday afternoon!

4. Dawson takes his ACT on Saturday. We need to get that out of the way so that he can get in his college application. He talked to my dad this week about doing some work for him this summer in addition to his job at the nursing home. Life is getting ready to get so busy for him. I'm not sure he is quite ready for that! I think he rather likes being a teenager.

5. This week we had a short little ice and snow storm. Kyndal was working at her salon that is 40 miles away from home. Collin was also there for another reason so the two of them were driving home, Collin in front of Kyndal. She hit a patch of black ice and careened into the ditch hitting a drainage culvert on her way into it. My dad had someone come tow her out. Other than a torn bumper where it hit the culvert, the car is okay. Kyndal was not hurt so we are thankful.

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  1. So thankful she is ok I hit black ice once and totaled my car but wearing a seat belt so besides being sore and having a bruise the size of the seat belt I was fine!

    Have a great weekend, and awesome on your scripture memorization!



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