Friday, February 13, 2015

Random 5

1. I have been putting off watching the last three episodes of Parenthood that I had DVR'd. I just didn't want the show to end. But I prepared myself emotionally and watched them on Tuesday night. And I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed for 2 1/2 hours straight. What an amazing show that will be so missed.

2. I said last week that I had gained back 1.4 pounds of the 3 that I had lost since the first of the year. Well, I think it might have been fluid retention because at my weigh-in this week I had lost back those 1.4 pounds and 2 more making my weight loss so far a total of 5 pounds! Yay me! I only have 5 more pounds that I desire to lose and then I will work on maintenance and continuing to get in better physical shape. That is getting ready to kick into a higher gear as I start to train for a 5K with Brynne. She will be training with Girls on the Run at the elementary school, and I will also be training so that I can run the 5K with her in May.

3. I completely took myself off of my prescription Prilosec this past week and have replaced it with a morning and evening glass of water with lemon oil. So far I haven't had any indigestion or heartburn. I am not saying that it is definitely the lemon oil that is doing the trick, but it certainly could be. With eating healthier this year, I have almost completely cut out gluten which I know can be a trigger, as well. (Cutting out gluten was not intentional. It's just been a natural progression as I have replaced grain carbs with other forms, such as fruits, because they are better in my nutritional values.) I am still drinking my chamomile in the evenings, usually with a drop or two of lemon oil as well because it tastes so good, but I have also been able to drink coffee in the mornings without any problems. Here is to hoping I have found a winning combination!

4. Taylar, her mom and nana, and I went to a crazy cool formal wear shop in a nearby town on Wednesday night and found Taylar's perfect prom dress. It looks amazing on her!! It was so fun! No, I can't show you the dress now ... it's a secret. But, trust me, it is beautiful!! The theme is 007 and she will fit in perfectly! Dawson has got a cool "Dawsonish" outfit that he is going to wear to compliment her. He is not doing a traditional tux. I can't wait to see it all pulled together! (I found his tie, vest, and socks today, and ordered him a special belt. So fun!)

5. Kyndal and I finally found the perfect invitations for her wedding. They are a little more expensive than we were going to spend if we did some DIY like we were planning, but now they will be done and ready to put in the mail without us having to spend a full weekend getting them ready. They are perfect! She met with her grandmother yesterday and is meeting with her aunt today to discuss the flowers with them. They are going to take care of her flowers for the wedding, as they are both former florists. So those are two huge things we have checked off our list this week. So much more to do but at least we are making progress. Only 5 more months!


  1. Awesome about the weight, finding the winning combo, the prom outfits and invitations! You've had a happy week! I never watched Parenthood but I know so many loved it and cried in the end.

    My mom and aunt did my flowers. We went silk since it was a winter wedding but probably would have gone that route no matter the date because it saved me a lot of money. Hope you post pictures of the wedding at some point, would love to see it.


  2. I cried through the entire last episode of Parenthood. It was a really well done final episode!
    I hope you share a sample of her invitations. I would love to see them! Such an exciting time!


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