Friday, February 20, 2015

Random 5

1. Kyndal had one of her bridesmaids drop out of the wedding because she is planning to go to Hawaii with a boyfriend she has had for six months. This friend is Kyndal's longest best friend from Oklahoma, the one who has been her friend through thick and thin, regardless of distance. Kyndal is devastated, to say the least. She was told this in a text. Pretty crappy, huh?

2. And on that note, because of the ditching bridesmaid and some other drama, Kyndal and Collin decided to cancel their current wedding plans and have a destination wedding in Cozumel, Mexico, in May. Yeah, I know, right? We were so excited for their decision and were even more pumped that we would get to share in the memories with them as a family. But they spent the majority of their day yesterday getting attacked for this change of plans and now they don't know what they are going to do. They want the stress-free destination wedding with their families, but don't want to upset anybody by making that decision. It just makes me sick for them because I have to wonder if their wedding day, regardless of what they decide to do, will be a happy one. I know my daughter. If she doesn't feel supported, it won't be. And that makes me sad.

** UPDATE: This morning a decision was made. They are going to have a small ceremony with their pastor on May 22nd to exchange their wedding vows. Family and close friends are invited to attend. Then they are going to have a blessing ceremony on the beach in either Roatan or Cozumel, but they haven't decided which destination yet, that will occur a few days later. Then they will have their originally planned reception on July 11th. Everyone's personal needs are met and they get the stress-freeish wedding they want and get to do lots of celebrating!!!

3. Days like the last two days make me want to grab my family, move to a farm somewhere, and never see or talk to anyone else ever again. Bullies!

4. Eight years ago Rick and I made a very poor financial decision in an attempt to find that elusive "happiness". It snowballed into more financial setbacks that have left us reeling since. He and I are tired of the bondage of debt, especially when we have seen no upcoming freedom. So we decided to get serious. Instead of gimping along, we now have a plan ... a very strict and serious plan that will have us 100% out of debt in 3 1/2 years, with two-thirds of that debt being eliminated by October of 2017. If I told you the staggering numbers we are tackling you would be shocked. It is going to be a very tough 32 months. But we can do it. We know that we can. We know that God wants us to be out of debt, so we are believing that He will guide us on our path to freedom from this stronghold. The thoughts of freedom make me giddy! It is very exciting! Perhaps when we get all of our debt paid off we'll move to that farm and disappear.

5. On a positive note, Dawson received his ACT score this week and applied for college. He will be attending a nearby community college while living at home using a scholarship he has earned. It will allow his tuition and fees to be paid to the junior college (two years worth), as long has he uses it in the next four years. He plans to major in Secondary Education. He wants to be a high school history teacher and/or teach multi-media. I am excited for his future. And if he changes his mind at some point, he could always be a farmer.


  1. So sorry about your tough week! We all have opinions, it is a shame we all feel the need to share them, huh? Poor Kyndal! I will meet you at that farm! ;)

  2. Twelve years ago my mom had a stroke it left her unable to speak and move her right side. We moved up here and bought the farm behind them. My dream come true I love raising cattle. Mom passed this summer I praise The Lord I had that time with her. My husband drive an hour each way to work and then comes home to help me on the farm. We still have 3 girls at home that I homeschool. I love this hill and wouldn't leave it if we didn't have to have groceries I get teased about being a hermit. These girls are learning things on this farm that the books just don't teach. I hope you get to live on a farm one day there is nothing like it!

  3. Good Luck and while it will be tough the reward of being debt free in the end will be so worth it.

    Sorry to hear about the wedding and that it was a big mess. Family is wonderful but sometimes I they can cause the biggest headaches. Hope they have a wonderful stress free (well as stress free as a wedding can be) wedding. Congrats Dawson on your ACT scores and attending college. Nothing wrong with community college!!!

    Have a great weekend and stay safe with all the ice and snow we are suppose to get.


  4. Argh. #1 makes ME mad. I'm glad Kyndal finalized her plans and that everything goes smoothly. Good luck on the financial goals. I know you can do it. Yay for Dawson's ACT score and plans. I'm with you on that farm. Keilee and I always say a deserted island bit I think we'd like a farm better! People can just be the pits at times. Happy weekend.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about the stress Kyndal has been going through regarding what should be a very happy time in her life. I am glad there was a resolution that they are happy about. Best wishes on your debt free journey. It will be worth it. I have a senior who will also be starting at our local community college and living at home during that time.


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