Monday, March 2, 2015

First Day - March

The First Day of March was a fun one! We got a good dumping of snow, the fun kind. Church was cancelled so we slept in, ate good food, and did lots of playing. Well, some of us did. I am linking up with Nicole at Journey to Josie.

This is how late I slept yesterday morning!! (Snow day!)

It was a snowy wonderland!

Started my morning off right.

Daddy snuggles with Quincy.

I parked in front of the furnace for a while.

And Rick and I had some breakfast and chat time.

Eli started his morning off "right" with a waffle and Wii U.

The furnace was a popular place today.

Right at 4 inches of good snow!

That had to be cleared off the vehicles.

I stayed snug inside doing laundry with more coffee.

Buck prefers the warmth of indoors.

Although he, Quincy, and Crusoe did go out for a bit.

Yadi stayed out with Kyndal the whole time she was out there. He was a maniac.

He didn't want to come in.

Neither did Chloe.

Kyndal adores her babies.

The family working on a snowwoman.

While I, again, stayed inside and had some warm stew for lunch.

Meet Lydia.

Everyone finally got cold enough to come in for cocoa.

And Jalapeno Chicken Enchiladas for dinner.

Rick and I watched The Mummy, a favorite.

My house with no people in it. Rick headed back to Oklahoma,
Kyndal, Collin and their dogs went home,
Eli and Brynne retreated to their bedroom,
and Dawson and Taylar were hanging out upstairs.

So I did some lesson planning and watched the finale
of "How to Get Away with Murder".

Until I went to bed for some blog time.

And ended my day exactly 12 hours after it started.


  1. I wish my body would let me sleep in that late! So nice! I love a good, calm Sunday.

  2. That sounds like a fantastic day! Glad you got to sleep in and relax!

  3. A great snow day! Snow is THE time for warm drinks, warm food, sleeping in! I'm not sure about the snowman-making, but they did an awesome job! LOL


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