Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat

It's time for Tuesday Coffee Chat with Time Out for Mom. (The graphic is not working today for some reason.) Today's question actually made me stop and ponder ...

Rebel without a cause ... Are you a rebel or a by-the-book kinda person?

On the surface I do not look like a rebel. In fact, I appear to be a little lame. But after really thinking about this question over several cups of coffee for a couple of days, I realize that I am really a rebel in my heart. Or as I like to describe myself, a non-conformist.

My typical reaction to things is that if everyone else is doing it, even if it's "good", I am not going to do it. I take this approach with television shows (Oprah ... no thanks), books (you will not catch me reading Harry Potter, Twilight or 50 Shades or even a popular new Christian book or author), blogs (once bloggers get popular and worshipped by the masses I delete them from my feed). I find that if I start to follow a fad then my heart is in the wrong place. I absolutely do not believe in the world's definition of success.

I prefer to do things my way, which to many others probably looks wrong. But when I take that approach it serves me and my family well.

This does not mean that I don't follow rules. I follow a lot of rules that I think are stupid. They have been put in place by those in authority over me and I am to follow them whether I like them or not. But in any area where I have freedom to make my own choices, I make them.

I hope that this is a quality I have successfully passed onto my children. I want them to always know that it is okay to be an individual. The litmus test for their decisions should be whether God would approve, not whether the world would (even well-intentioned family members, including myself).

"Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world ... "(Romans 12:2), take the road less travelled, etc.

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  1. You know, while I have nothing personally against her, I could never get into Oprah either. Or Surivor. Or America's Top Idol. And 50 Shades is definitely of no interest to me. To each his own though. I have read Harry Potter, but couldn't get into Twilight. I love it when I go into my local book store, wander to the used books section and just make a random selection. that's when you often discover a hidden treasure. I think most of life is traveled on the straight and narrow; but it does feel good to wander off the beaten path every once and awhile. Just as long as you don't lose your way.


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