Saturday, March 14, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up ~ The Week Before Spring Break

All I can say is that the weather this past week was amazing! It was also our last week of school before Spring Break. And we were at the very end of our latest Prairie Primer (Little House) book The Long Winter. All of that added together means that we did a literal wrap-up.

Each day consisted of doing our 3R's - Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.

We had 15 chapters of The Long Winter to finish so that we didn't leave anything hanging over Spring Break this next week. So we did lots of read aloud! There weren't many activities to do with the content of these chapters because the majority of the story was simply about the day in and day out job of just staying alive during the 7 months of blizzards they experienced in the story. We had loads of discussion, though! The kids also continued to read out of their personal books. Brynne is still reading the second book in the Warriors series and Eli has moved onto another book in the Middle School Series.

The kids continue to move along through Fix-It Grammar: The Nose Tree from IEW. They did a lesson each day. They also FINISHED Math U See Delta this week!! We are ready to move onto Epsilon but will not do that until we start summer school in June. Instead we will go back to doing some fraction review with our dvd series Mastering 5th Grade Math until we conclude schoolwork for the 2014/2015 school year. Speaking of that, we will be finished with our school year on May 1st! 

The rest of this past week included some outside time and extra-curricular activities with Girls on the Run and Lewis and Clark class at the library. On Friday Brynne was sick (again!) with allergies so Eli and I left her home with Kyndal and we went to do some life skills work getting groceries. They also spent a lot of time drawing this week ... this time free handing Pokemon characters.

And that was our week.

We are looking forward to a week off! We are going to take one afternoon to go see Cinderella. I am taking Dawson to meet with his college academic advisor to get him enrolled for classes next fall. And then Eli, Brynne, and I are going to Oklahoma on Thursday for the weekend. We are going on a field trip to a one-room schoolhouse (where the kids will spend one hour receiving instruction from a pioneer teacher!), then to see a steam locomotive and a hotel still standing from pioneer days, and finally to have lunch at a small pie shop. The funnest part will be that we are going with our best friends from Oklahoma who are also working through Prairie Primer this year. It's fun to take field trips with friends!

We will spend the rest of the weekend with daddy and be back to start back to our final few weeks of school before our May break.

Things are wrapping up around here!

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