Friday, July 3, 2015

Random 5

1. The Wipeout Run is at the end of next month. Since I haven't been running as regularly as I was when I was training for my first 5K, I decided I better register for another one to give me motivation to get out there and run. I don't want to kill myself on the Wipeout course. My friend Jessica and I are going to go back to my old stomping grounds, Springfield, Missouri, on July 18th to run in an all women 5K through historic Springfield called Girls Just Wanna Run. I ran two miles earlier in the week and, I have to admit, I struggled. It was really humid though. This morning it was a nice 65 degrees so I pushed myself to run a full 3.1 miles. I did it without much trouble so I know I can run the whole race next week.

2. My grandma had the most amazing hydrangea bush at her house. I mean HUGE periwinkle blooms. Gorgeous!! I tried to start some bushes from cuts but was never successful. My mom did get one to start and it is growing nicely. Now that my grandma has passed her house has been sold. This week Dawson and I went over and set to digging up the hydrangea. I wanted to get the root ball. It was crazy hard to get it up, and we didn't end up getting the mother root. We did end up breaking our shovel, though. The root was seriously about 3 inches in diameter and we had no idea where it started. I planted three plants together next to my chainlink fence in the front yard and another one on the side of my house. These two places get different levels of sunlight so I am anxious to see what happens. I am seriously going to be praying over these bushes every day. I so badly want to carry on this legacy of my grandma at my own house.

3. Next Saturday is Kyndal and Collin's wedding reception, the original date of their wedding. Even though they ended up getting married in May, we decided to keep the reception the same date because we had sent out Save the Date cards way back in January for that date. We have so much to do to get ready for it. Next week is going to be nuts!

4. Several years ago my mother-in-law suffered through a bout of colon cancer. She beat that and then a couple of years later had to battle through another round of treatments to eradicate a tumor in her lung. She went in for her Scan this past week and the tumor on her lung is back. They also found a mass of some kind on her bladder that she is having tested. She has also been having some severe headaches so they did an MRI yesterday. I have not heard any of the results of her testing. We are believing for minor issues with her bladder and headaches and that she will charge through her treatment for her lung as strongly as she did the last round.

5. Tomorrow we will celebrate the birth of our son-in-law Collin (he'll be 21) and the birth of our nation. Our family will be kind of all over the place in the morning but hopefully all together at my parents' lake house by the afternoon. Enjoy your 4th of July celebration!

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