Thursday, July 23, 2015

Where We Do the Schooling - Not Back to School Blog Hop

I could spend hours looking at all of the schoolrooms posted in this linkup. They are all so pretty and organized! I get so inspired by the ideas. But a dedicated schoolroom is SO not us. Our first year of homeschooling we had a schoolroom. Yuck. We hated being confined to that space. It's taken us a few years but we know what works for us. We do school where we do everything else.

We start out here, at the dining room table. It's bright and sunshiney and we have enough room for our coffee and tea.

Here we will do our Bible time, McGuffey's recitations and copywork. We also do our science topics at the table so that we have access to the whiteboard and enough space to do our experiments and to write in our science notebooks.

The living room is where most of the magic happens. This is where we watch CNN Student News, do all of our read alouds, and study history. It gives us access to warm blankets and the television for videos. We can sit in a comfortable setting and discuss.

This is also where the kids usually prefer to do their clipboard time. Their math, grammar, spelling, and writing worksheets are all placed on their clipboards and they complete their pages in a comfortable setting.

My mom helped me get a little more organized this year with our school stuff so that it was not all crammed on open shelves for the world to see. We moved our open shelving to the basement where I keep our "not using every single day" stuff. It's still easily accessible but not in the way.

I nabbed this cabinet from my sister's shed for our everyday stuff. The bench next to it contains some other things we use regularly but not necessarily every day.

All of our supplies are on shelves and tubs in this hall closet. It could use some organization, but it's not too bad. I can usually easily find what I need.

We keep all of our books here. This helps us not to lose library books. Our rule is that your library book either has to be in your hand or in this basket.

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