Friday, July 24, 2015

Random 5

1. Last weekend I ran my second 5K. Out of 509 women participants, I finished 159th. Out of the 15 women who were my age, I finished 4th. I was pretty happy with that! My only goal going into a race is just to run the entire thing without needing to take walking breaks, so my time doesn't really matter that much to me. But it is pretty cool to know that at my age and with inexperience I could finish in the top third and almost the top quarter.

2. What do you do when you have a barking dog next door who keeps you up all night? Turn on your white noise app and keep your phone right by your head. So far it's working like a charm.

3. I detest having garage sales and every year that I have one I swear that I am not doing it again. They are just no fun. But then my mom has one and I figure I might as well participate. This year I made every single item of mine 50 cents and didn't mark anything. And I made $100. Pretty good for just showing up. It's still my least favorite summertime chore.

4. So far I have been successful at keeping my grandma's hydrangea transplants alive and well! The key, apparently, is to keep them very well watered. They have new sets of leaves so I think they are going to make it!

5. Now that our summer crazy activities are over I have been able to get back into a good eating and exercise schedule. I'm back to tracking my foods on MyFitnessPal, and Kyndal and I are back at another round of 21 Day Fix. I am sore but feeling very good.

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