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Tuesday Coffee Chat - This or That

I am thankful for a mindless Tuesday Coffee Chat this week. We have some heavy things going on in our family, so my brain cells are a little limited. Here we go ...

Heels or Sneakers ... Honestly, heels, but not dressy pumps, stilettos, etc. I have a high arch in my foot so a heeled boot feels so much better to me than a pair of tennis shoes. If I am wearing yoga pants or a hoodie and jeans and want to wear sneakers, I will wear them for a while. But once I get home I put on a pair of slippers instead. Sneakers are not comfortable to me long-term. But I can wear a pair of heeled boots all day, even shopping, without any problems.

Coke or Pepsi ... Makes no difference to me. I do like Diet Coke, but can drink a Diet Pepsi just as easily.

Instagram or Flickr ... Definitely IG, all day every day (@nikki_taulman).

Tomboy or Girlie Girl ... Neither. I am definitely somewhere right in the middle.

Nap or Read ... Now that one is not fair! If it is nap time, I might start out reading but the nap wins.

Karaoke or Bowling ... Bowling. I cannot stand to be up in front of somebody doing something I am not good at. Nobody is good at bowling so it's all good.

Pizza or Sushi ... I prefer my food cooked, so pizza.

Rain or shine ... Ahhh, a perfect rainy day. I love rainy days!!!

Single or Taken ... I am taken. It will be 15 years of marriage next summer.

Dress or Jeans ... Jeans.

Winter or Summer ... Winter. If it's not going to be a rainy day, I want it to be snowing.

Exercise or Couch ... I want it to be couch, but I make myself exercise.

Library or Cafe ... Ugh, another hard one. I love the library! I could spend hours in there! But I also love a Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks so I can look at books, grab one to take to read for a bit in the cafe.

Jock or Nerd ... Nerd.

Piano or Guitar ... Piano. I could listen to The Piano Guys all day long.

Marvel or DC ... My son will kill me, but I don't know the difference and I could care less. He loves Spiderman and I think he is Marvel, so I will say Marvel.

And that's it for this week.


  1. I like your honest answers here. I have to say, we used to bowl on a team and we were good! Our team won the championship! Bill even had a perfect game and the ring to prove it! Me...not as good, but I won Most Improved. Ha! This was about 150 years ago. *wink*

  2. I love a good heel too. This gal's heel height comfort limit is 3 inches.

  3. Yes! Heeled boots are my favorite, too. I also have a high arch, so no wonder I'm more comfy in those than in sneakers. Though I do tend to torture/force myself to wear them (sneakers) thinking they're 'better' for me...I better knock that off! :) I am with you 100% on snow - I love snow!! My daughter and I were just talking about that today about how we don't care how much snow falls vs. how much rain falls. And snow is way prettier - and turns the drab winter grey into bright whites! :)

    LOVE The Piano Guys! I'm a Marvel fan, but I must not be a very good one if I can't remember which side Spiderman is on...heh!! Loved learning more about you! :)

    This or That: Coffee Chat in a Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel Kinda Way

  4. Seriously, same about running shoes. I don't find them comfortable to wear for a long time. They are for exercising, and then I go barefoot or if going out my boots or a heel. Running shoes make me feel like I am walking in cement moon boots. ha.
    The Piano Guys are awesome!!!
    Your son will be happy to know that Spider Man will get a new movie soon, and hopefully make a cameo appearance in the next Marvel Captain America.

  5. I really need to get myself motivated to start exercising again, even just a little a few days a week. I love boots with a small heel but haven't owned a pair in a long, long time. There is really no need living where I do.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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