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Wednesday Hodgepodge

Besides Thanksgiving, something you're looking forward to on your November calendar?

Kyndal turns 21 on November 18th, so that's an exciting milestone. But the event I always look forward to is our yearly Christmas trip back to Tulsa. We usually go in December, but our niece is showcasing her pottery at An Affair of the Heart, which is a pretty big deal, so we are going back that weekend, instead. We always stay in the kids' favorite hotel, go out to dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, visit Santa (the real Santa) at Bass Pro Shops, walk through the amazing Rhema Bible College Christmas lights (although I think we will miss those this year since we are going so early in the season), and visit with family and friends.

If I gave you a thank you card right now who would you send it to and why?

I would send it to Dawson's employer and her son. Last week they ordered and presented to him as a gift a brand new laptop computer for him to use not only at work but also for his schooling. He is very grateful to them for caring for him, and so am I.

Of the breads listed, which one's your favorite ... bagel, cinnamon, sourdough, garlic, banana, biscuit, pita, Naan, or plain old fashioned white bread?

I love bread. I love any kind of bread. Choosing one of these breads as my favorite is hard for me to do. I guess I would have to say cinnamon bread. In fact, I don't have any at home right now, but I can make some cinnamon toast with wheat bread and I think I'll go have some for a snack right now!

What's something you have in abundance? Is that a good thing?

Comfy clothes. Heck yeah it's a good thing! Being comfortable is important, especially being home all day every day. "Comfy clothes" doesn't have to equal being a slob. You can be well put together and still be comfortable. I love my yoga pants, hoodies, workout shirts and tanks, cardigans, and comfortable shoes. Wearing comfy clothes most of the time also makes dressing up extra special and fun.

November 5th is National Love Your Red Hair Day. Are there any redheads in your family? Who is your favorite redhead?

We don't have any redheads in our family. And I don't really even know any redheads. I guess I will just choose Emma Stone. I think she's cute (if her real hair color is even red).

The travel website Busbud ( recently calculated the most Instagrammed spot in every state. Go to to see what made the list where you live. Are you happy with your state's #1? If not what do you think should be the most photographed spot in your state? Have you snapped a photo there? If you live outside the USA, answer it as it relates to your state, city or province.

I am a little surprised that Lake of the Ozarks is the most Instragrammed location in Missouri, although I love it there. My parents have a house on the lake, so I do have multiple photos taken there. I would have thought that the Gateway Arch in St. Louis would have taken the top spot. I do have photos taken there over the years, as well.

I'm going to try to have something related to gratitude in this spot each week during the month of November. Here's this week's question ... What's something you've learned about yourself this year that you're grateful for?

I have learned that I am an introvert. But with that I have also learned that some members of my family are not. It's hard for me not to expect everyone else to accept me the way I am and to adapt to my needs. But they have needs, as well, and I cannot be selfish all of the time. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty hard at times. But being aware of it makes me more conscious to other's needs. I am hoping to find a balance of taking care of my introverted needs while improving in taking care of the extroverted needs of those in my family who are made that way.

Insert your own random thought here.

What a fun ride!


  1. So funny what made the list. The lake is gorgeous though and I'm glad to see natural beauty make the list. So many were ball parks, raceways, and zoos. Enjoy your November travels!

  2. Cinnamon bread is wonderful and after everyone's responses, I want some!

  3. Hope you have a safe travel to Tulsa! :)

  4. Wow, 21. That's a big age. It's kind of a new chapter for so many people. I think it's the first time you look around and think, "wow, I am truly a grown up". Hope she has a wonderful and blessed birthday.

    Have safe travels to Tulsa. This is such a nice time of year to head this direction. Not hot, not cold, great for outdoor activities.

  5. You'll love Affair of the Heart! I missed going last year with some friends. There was also one a few weekends ago in Oklahoma City. My daughter had a booth there with her work-The Vintage Pearl and they'll probably be at the Tulsa one too.

  6. Yes! I was overjoyed when the Royals won! I live in Pennsylvania now, but I lived in Kansas City for 29 years, so I'm a hometown girl at heart.


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