Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat

It's Giving Tuesday. Will you Participate?

Honestly, I didn't know there was such a thing as Giving Tuesday. But, it's a great concept!

We don't have any plans to give specifically today. But we do try to be mindful of those in need, especially during the Christmas season, and here are a couple of things we are doing this year.

Turkey Trot 5K. I registered for and ran in a 5K on Thanksgiving morning to benefit a nearby children's therapy center. That is a good way to give, if you are a runner. I am certain there will be lots of Christmas-themed races this month. You can locate races in your area at Running in the USA.

Salvation Army Angel Tree. We always try to donate gifts to some sort of gift giving organization every year. This year we purchased gifts for an 8 year old little girl off of the tree at Walmart. Just look in the entrance of many stores for an Angel Tree, grab your angel, and purchase the gifts. My kids are spoiled for Christmas, so it feels great to be able to be a part of brightening the holidays of another child.

Soldiers' Angels No Sew Blanket Drive. The kids in our WWII enrichment class are working on a No Sew blanket as part of this drive to send to a deployed soldier. You can go HERE to find out how to participate. The kids are also interested in adopting a soldier whereby we will write him or her a letter once each week and send a care package once a month. This way we can give all year.

And this is what we are up to. Giving is such an important time of the holiday season. What ways are you giving?


  1. I think it is cool that you have found a healthy way to give of yourself. You must get extra points for this. Happy holidays to you & yours.

  2. I Love the idea of the Soldier's Angel!!! I'll have to look into the one. hubby is ex military reserve so I think he will enjoy participating in that one a lot. And of course as you say, something you can continue all year.
    Maybe by next year my fitness routine will have finally got me to the place where I could do a charity run too. That would be a new exciting way to give back as well. Thank you for all that you do.


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