Thursday, March 31, 2016

No Foolin' Here ... We are Having a Grandson!

Last night was such a special night for us!

On Tuesday Kyndal had a gender ultrasound, but didn't peek at the results. The tech put them in a sealed envelope that Kyndal delivered to her friend Cassidy. And Cassidy took care of the rest.

The theme for the reveal party was "Bows or Arrows".

We held the party at our city park. We somehow dodged a rain storm and the wind died down just in time for the party to start. That was a blessing.

Family and close friends gathered to watch Collin shoot his bow and arrow into a paint-filled balloon mounted on a painted canvas.

Although we would have been thrilled with either a boy or a girl, I think my expression reflects how I really felt about the baby being a boy. I really, really wanted a grandson!

Collin hit the target on the first shot.

This photo shows how he and Kyndal felt about it. I love his little fist pump. He wanted a boy so bad, and we are all so happy for him (and her).

The little guy is due in September and we cannot wait to meet him!!


  1. what a fun time. congrats on your upcoming grandson.

  2. Very clever indeed! Congratulations to all of you! Boys are super!

  3. I just cried reading this. It was your expression that did it! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! XOXO

  4. How exciting! Congratulations!

  5. HOW EXCITING!! Love your expression so much!! Such an adorable way to reveal to everyone!

  6. I love everything about this! Congratulations! They are such a cute couple.


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