Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Coffee Chat

I don't know about any of you, but the last couple of Tuesday Coffee Chat topics have been a little heavy, at least for me first thing in the morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee. But today's topic is pure fun!

Have you ever ...

got lost in an amusement park? I don't think so.

shared a meal with your pet (drive-thru acceptable)? My doggies get to lick my plate after I have eaten eggs. They love egg yolks! They also get 3 pieces of cereal each if I pour myself a bowl.

scuba dived in the ocean? Uh, heck no! Sharks! I have an unhealthy fear of sharks so I do not see scuba diving in my future. I don't even think I could muster up the courage to snorkel. I have swum with sting rays in Grand Cayman. That was cool. But in the back of my mind I just knew we were going to get ambushed by sharks.

saved someone who was in danger? I beat Dawson on the back to dislodge a Werther's candy when he was choking.

sang karaoke (before alcohol, 2 bonus points)? Once at a 40th birthday party for a friend I joined a group of other women to sing. I absolutely hated every second of it. I don't like to put myself up there like that.

seen a pyramid (1 point for each step climbed)? Only in Vegas. Another participant in Coffee Chat reminded me of the Mayan Ruins in Mexico. We did see them in Cozumel.

went camping in a tent? Yes, and if your area is going through a drought then let me know and I will come camp there so that you can receive torrential rains. It always pours when I camp in a tent.

won a contest for a big prize (no, toys in Happy Meals don't count)? I won an iPod touch in a blogging contest once.

eaten a strange food (broccoli is not a strange food)? Nothing jumps out at me. I will pretty much try any food once, but I usually stick pretty close to what I know.

pulled a prank you were later sorry about? I am not a big prankster. The only thing I can think of is when Dawson and I got into a life-size Barbie war several years ago. We would hide her in places for the other to find and be startled. I don't know who started it. But I put it in his shower to find, and then he got me back by hanging her upside down in the laundry chute. Shortly after that she was used as target practice for air soft guns and golf balls and lost some limbs. RIP Barbie.

went on an African safari? No. I've been to the African section of a few zoos. Does that count? That would be a fun activity to do with grandkids someday .. a pretend African safari at the zoo. I'm filing that away for future reference.

met a celebrity (tv, movie, music, sports, art)? Brad Pitt grew up across the street from my house in Springfield, Missouri. I saw him at a benefit once, but didn't actually meet him. Our law firm represented his brother in business, though, and I did meet him! And Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood live in our former hometown in Owasso, Oklahoma. I saw him all the time ... grocery store, Brahms ice cream, the soccer fields. I got a pedicure next to Trisha. One of his daughters tee pee'd our house. I have also met some then-famous Kansas City Chiefs players.

been on tv or the radio? When I was an attorney umpteen years ago, I was interviewed about a legal matter that was happening in our county. Ugh. I hated that!!

been in a fight? Only with my sister when we were little.

fallen asleep while talking on the phone? I recall doing that once when I was a teenager. I have never been a big phone talker, though, so other than that once possible instance, it has never happened.


  1. Yes, I do need to remember to lighten it up on the chat every now and then. They tend to be my "deep thinking" posts -- but this is so much fun learning about everyone. I feel less ashamed now for having fallen asleep several times on my friend during late night phone calls. :)
    Mayan ruins are indeed pyramids. I've seen several, including the one at Coba which has many, many stairs but an incredible view once you make it to the top.
    I would have been selling Girl Guide cookies at Brad's house Every.Day. LOL

  2. Oh my gosh! You might be winning with these answers. I love this. I was LOL at the Barbie! The Mayan ruins...I never considered them to have pyramids. Of course, I have never been outside the good old USA. We do have a golden pyramid here in Illinois, though.


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