Friday, March 25, 2016

Random 5 on Friday

1. Yesterday we had a brief visit from my sister-in-law Shawna and 3 year old niece Bell. The visit was too short but we got a whole lot of Bell in that amount of time. She is such a spunky fun little girl and absolutely adorable! Makes me miss my brother when he was that age because she is a whole lot like him.

2. Easter has snuck up on us this year and I am less than prepared. I think we might color some eggs tonight. Everyone will be gone on Sunday except for Eli, Brynne, and I so we have plans to go to Sunday school, hunt our eggs, and then go out to dinner Sunday evening. No cooking for me. That's nice!

3. We get to find out the sex of Collin and Kyndal's baby on Wednesday! I am very excited to find out if my grandbaby will be a boy or a girl. I am Team Blue all the way!

4. The stormyish weather this week has had my joints in a snit. Man, I have have been achy all week.

5. In 9 days my friend Megan and I will be making the trip south with our four kids. We are going to Atlanta to go on the CNN Student News tour, driving through Selma, Alabama (since the kids and I studied the MLK, Jr., march that occurred there), spending 5 full days in Pensacola at my parents' house, going to New Orleans to visit the National WWII Museum, and then heading home. It will be a full trip but lots of fun! I am especially looking forward to those 5 days in Pensacola and the stack of books I am taking along.

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