Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Coffee Chat

Our Tuesday Coffee Chat host is taking the week off for Spring Break. So, how about a Daybook instead.

For today ... Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Outside my window ... Sunny, beautiful, going to be mid-70's.

I am thinking ... about relationships that are/are not in my life and why. I think when someone passes away you tend to reflect on their life which, in turn, causes you to reflect on your own.

I am thankful ... that I have the physical and emotional security of my home.

I am wearing ... "Thankful" t-shirt, light-weight plaid duster, jeans, gray flats.

I am creating ... clean closets and dresser drawers. Kyndal and I are having a garage sale at the end of this month, and this is just a project that has been long overdue. The kids each grew over a size since last summer, so I have a ton of clothes to try to sell.

I am going ... to take the kids to Kansas City today for a field trip about Harry S. Truman. We are going to the library/museum, his home, his farm, his favorite place to eat lunch, and the soda shop where he had his first job.

I am wondering ... if the family will be able to get through my mother-in-law's memorial service without a knock down drag out with some particular family members. Why do people become so selfish when someone dies?

I am reading ... My Sunshine Away by M. O. Walsh

I am hoping ... to stay motivated to lose my winter pounds. It's difficult right now because in order to feel good (no reflux) I need to eat low fat foods and eat more carbs. But a diet higher in fats keeps me trim and carbs make me gain weight. So I think I would rather feel good than look good. But then I realize that I really don't feel good with these extra 8-10 pounds. I feel icky. And that makes me grumpy. So I am exercising but trying to find the right balance in my diet. It's tricky.

I am learning ... that I have an extreme case of apathy going on right now. It's something I am spending a lot of time thinking about, I can assure you.

In my gardens ... we are starting to get some green growth. It won't be long and I'll have some pretty blooms to share. Spring is definitely here.

In my kitchen ... is the plant that was in my mother-in-law's motorhome. It's a flowering plant so I am hoping that it gets some blooms sitting in my sunny kitchen. I have named it "Elaine" after my MIL.

In the homeschool room ... we have put aside the reading, writing, and arithmetic for the week. We are going on a field trip, finishing up our studies of the Iditarod, and doing some unit studies on St. Patrick and the Spring Equinox instead.

A favorite quote for today ... "But for every adult person you look up to in life there is trailing behind them an invisible chain gang of ghosts, all of which, as a child, you are generously spared from meeting." ~ M. O. Walsh

A peek into one of my days ... I made this cute little rooster curtain to cover my baskets of junk underneath my microwave cabinet.

One of my favorite things ... Crawling into bed at night early enough to enjoy a hot cup of peppermint tea and read for an hour or so.

From the board room ... I'm always pinning recommendations for books. This is my latest: 11 Books with Shocking Surprises That'll Leave You Speechless.

Post Script ... "I Believe: The Nicene Creed" study by IF:EQUIP starts on March 21st. Apathy calls for getting back to the basics.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Those darn carbs. Eating low carb is the only way I "feel good" and the only way I can maintain my weight, but I love them! Love . Them. It's such a struggle for me.

    I swear, we are sisters. ;) We need a catch up email. I'll work on that this week. Miss checking in with you.


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