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The Reason for the Journey

What if the public school system has failed your child? We are taught as parents, and the kids are taught from infancy, that it's important to be the best. It's imperative to be the best. I don't like perfect kids because, well, there's no such thing. But, there are a lot of kids who either think they are or are pursuing that perfection. And/or they have parents insisting they pursue that perfection. (I am a reformed parent. When Kyndal didn't get "chosen" to be in the honor society in 7th grade, I was offended and upset! She never wanted to apply for it anyway and could care less. But, I was almost embarrassed that my self-perceived perfect child wasn't chosen ... more because of the way I thought it made me look, not her. And I can remember sitting at the 6th grade orientation and being asked only one question by more than one mother, "What honors classes did Kyndal get into?" My response was, "Oh, Kyndal is really in this school