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Wednesday Hodgepodge

The Wednesday Hodgepodge is something else I have missed doing. The questions are always fun, and the community at From This Side of the Pond is great. I feel most energized when I ... have a day equally laced with productivity and relaxation. Where were you ten years ago? It's easiest for me to think about what my kids were doing then. Kyndal was in the 7th grade. Dawson was in the 5th grade. Eli was 4 and attending the developmental delay preschool. Brynne was getting ready to turn 3. We had been in our recently built house in the swanky neighborhood for just under a year. We had "arrived". It was a busy time for us. This was also the beginning of the end ... when things were getting ready to take a drastic turn. We were not where we should be. We were not doing what we should be doing. We were trying to be people we were not. I would have done things so differently 10 years ago, because this is the time that I can pinpoint when things went all wrong.


Many, many years ago I started participating in the Simple Woman's Daybook . It was here that I made friends, shared my soul, and started my consistent journey of blogging. I desperately miss blogging. This morning I felt pulled back to the Daybook. So, for today ... Looking out my window ... This past weekend I moved my bedroom around, flip-flopped my sleeping area and workspace. Now when I sit in bed sipping my coffee in the mornings I can look out the window. Since I am upstairs, all I really see is a tree across the street, which is perfect! It gets me into nature first thing in the morning. I am thinking ... about so. many. things. I'm a thinker, an internalizer. This is why I really need to get back into a consistent habit of blogging. I am thankful ... for my life. That is truth. I have a home I love, a job I love, children who fulfill me, the most amazing and entertaining grandson ever, books to read, wine to sip. This is a good life. One of my favorite