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Many, many years ago I started participating in the Simple Woman's Daybook. It was here that I made friends, shared my soul, and started my consistent journey of blogging. I desperately miss blogging. This morning I felt pulled back to the Daybook. So, for today ...

Looking out my window ... This past weekend I moved my bedroom around, flip-flopped my sleeping area and workspace. Now when I sit in bed sipping my coffee in the mornings I can look out the window. Since I am upstairs, all I really see is a tree across the street, which is perfect! It gets me into nature first thing in the morning.

I am thinking ... about so. many. things. I'm a thinker, an internalizer. This is why I really need to get back into a consistent habit of blogging.

I am thankful ... for my life. That is truth. I have a home I love, a job I love, children who fulfill me, the most amazing and entertaining grandson ever, books to read, wine to sip. This is a good life.

One of my favorite things ... is my morning quiet time before the day begins.

I am wearing ... pj shorts, a tank top, and my summer robe. It's cold in my bedroom. I have to cover up in the mornings because it's chilly, but I have to keep it chilly because by mid-afternoon it will be 80 degrees up here, even with the air conditioner blowing at full speed.

I am creating ... the home I always wanted ... STILL! Next month it will be ONE YEAR since we started our renovations. It has been an awful experience, one I will NEVER do again! We STILL have projects for our contractor to complete. I had to get a different contractor to finish the job because it just wasn't getting done with the other one. Now we are mostly left with trim, paint, and finishing the new staircase. I know that seems so close, yet it is still so far away.

I am watching ... Grey's Anatomy on Netflix while I work. I am on Season 3. I loved Seasons 1 and 2, but Season 3 not so much.

I am reading ... Beautiful Boy by David Sheff. It's a memoir about his son's drug addition. It has been made into a movie.

I am listening to ... Love Does by Bob Goff. An excellent book.

I am hoping ... that we are able to find the right combination of things to help with Eli's anxiety. Some of it is just typical teenage boy stuff. But, he does tend to suffer more than the average person his age because he is just such a thoughtful young man.

I am learning ... that we can't successfully change to be the version of ourselves others want us to be. We can only change to be the best version of ourselves that God created us to be. I know I have spent a great majority of my life, especially in marriage, getting this all wrong. I am who He created me to be. I can't be someone else, especially for someone else.

In the garden ... No garden for us. After we tore down our nasty garage and redid our backyard, the gardening boxes came out. I am not sure if I will ever put in another garden. My dad keeps me supplied with tomatoes, and that's all I found myself eating out of it anyway.

In the kitchen ... I am teaching the kids how to cook. I want them to each have four full meals they can cook so they can each be responsible for dinner one night per week of the month. (Plus, their spouses will thank me some day!) Last night Brynne made garlic chicken and angel hair pasta with supervision. Each time she makes it I plan to have her do more and more of it alone until she is able to make it from beginning to end all by herself. It was DELICIOUS!! Eli starts his lesson on Wednesday.

Shared Quote ...

A moment from my day ...

Working from home is the best thing ever! I've never been so happy.

Post Script ...

6 Crucial Self-Care Tips for Introverted Women. Number 5 is a priority for me! I set an alarm to make sure I have a full 45 minutes to 1 hour of white space time (which means laying in bed with my coffee reading, journaling, thinking, praying, scrolling social media) before I get up and work out and start my day. And I go up to my room at 8:00 p.m. every night so I have a full hour to read, finish a glass of wine, reflect before I shut the light off for bed.


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