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And the Two Shall Become One ....

Yesterday was the big day. My girl got married. It was such a magical day. Very simple. Absolutely perfect. We had a little bridal lunch at a tea room before going to the church to get ready. Kyndal did everyone's hair and they did each other's makeup. Just before pictures we presented Kyndal with her "somethings". For 'Something Old' we tied her baby ring to her bouquet with a lace ribbon. For 'Something New' we counted her new earrings. For 'Something Borrowed' she was loaned an antique hankie owned by Collin's great-grandmother. And for 'Something Blue' we had all of the ladies in the wedding party write a little note to Kyndal on the bottom of her wedding boots with blue sharpie marker. As Kyndal and Collin had plans right after the ceremony (Kansas City Royals vs. St. Louis Cardinals baseball game!), they opted for photos before. And that's what I'll share with you now ... just the ones I

Preparing for the Big Day

A really quick post this morning as I gotta get up and ready to start the business of giving away my oldest child in marriage. My stomach is kind of in knots today. I do not have any misgivings, in fact the opposite is true. I love Collin and am glad that such a hard-working young man is going to be taking my daughter's hand in marriage today. They will live just a few blocks away and I will see them every single day. Not much, if anything, will change after today. But she's getting married ! Yesterday we went for pre-wedding pedicures and then attended the rehearsal at the church. Afterward Collin's parents hosted a beautiful little rehearsal dinner at their house. It was perfect!

Random Friday

1. Being a mom is one of the greatest joys in my life. These past few weeks I have had the time and energy to take two children to state bowling tournament, run a 5K with one of them, go on two field trips, throw a bridal shower and bachelorette party for one, graduate one from high school and enroll him in college, and help coach two softball games. This week I haven't had to take off work to take care of a sick child or to do all that needs to be done to get another one ready to get married. I've been available. Oh, and I will get to go with our family to watch our daughter and son-in-law say their vows on the beach in Cozumel. I have an amazing, hard-working husband who does all he can so that I can have the privilege to be home to take care of my children and their needs, and to be here to experience each and every minor and major milestone. I wouldn't miss this for any amount of money in the world. This is the best job I have ever had. 2. This month of no scho

Last Sail Before the Veil

Last Saturday night we had Kyndal's bachelorette party. As all of the wedding party are under 21, and we had some grandmas with us, we decided not to hire the strippers and went to The Melting Pot on the Plaza in Kansas City instead. We had such a nice night together! Along for the party were my mom, my friend Jessica, Taylar (Dawson's girlfriend and bridesmaid), Cassidy (bridesmaid), Brynne (sister and bridesmaid), Kyndal's future mother-in-law Pam, Paige (future sister-in-law) and her baby Lexi, Karen (future grandmother-in-law), Jeannette (Pam's sister), and Kathryn (girlfriend of Collin's uncle). As our reservation was running late, the restaurant treated us to drinks. Then once seated we quickly decorated the table and enjoyed our cheese and chocolate courses. Yum, yum, yum!!! We asked each of the guests to bring Kyndal something that she could take on her cruise. She received everything from sunscreen to things for Collin to en