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Guest Blogging About Being a Homeschooling Rookie

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to write a guest post at Or So She Says .... I chose to write about how a rookie homeschooling mom can prepare for the world of homeschooling. If you would like to read that post, you can go here .


I have posted about how Dawson loves to explore. And he loves hands-on experiences. For him, a trip to the art museum is magical, especially if they have a scavenger hunt attached to it. Today I read about Letterboxing from a fellow blogger, BJ Mama at For What It's Worth ... Or Not . You can go here to read about her 10 "Why Not" reasons you've got to try Letterboxing. I have never heard of this, have you? It sounds so cool! You buy a journal, purchase or create your own rubber stamp, buy a stamp pad and a compass, visit some websites to obtain clues and head out on a treasure hunt. People (lots and lots and lots of people) have written clues for you to follow to find a treasure. At that treasure location you will find a rubber stamp and a log. Many of these stamps are handmade. You stamp that person's stamp in your journal (and write about it if you want) and then stamp your stamp in their log. They have a record that you have been there and you have a jo

He Goes to School in Fear

Dawson was just plain angry at the beginning of the weekend. He was really hard to get along with. After much poking and prodding, I got him to open up to me about why he was so out of sorts. Apparently a rumor had been started that a boy, notorious for fighting and currently in in-school suspension because of it, was mad at Dawson and was going to "hurt him." Dawson was reacting out of fear and stress. This boy is the same boy that bullied him all the way through 6th grade. Dawson doesn't even know his last name. I offered to call the school to notify them of this boy's threats, but Dawson told me he did not want me to get involved. So, after much consideration and prayer, I decided to honor his wishes. I want him to always feel that he can open up to me and talk to me. If I betray him, he may not do that anymore. Rick and I have discussed it and have decided that should anything happen, we will go ahead and take him out of school this year. I have told Dawson t