Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm glad we don't live in Ancient Egyptian times so all we had to eat were lentils ...

Our curriculum has many cooking lessons, which I think are great! (Home Ec, Math and a History lesson all wrapped up into one recipe.)

Dawson has made Fig and Date Bread and Honey Cake. They were both so good!

But yesterday's recipe was for Lentil Stew. Knowing he would never eat stew, I searched for a Lentil Casserole recipe with great reviews. And, I found one.

He diligently gathered the ingredients and made the casserole exactly as the recipe dictated.

His first lesson in cutting onions!

We dished up our plates.

And took a bite.

I think my face says it all ...
It went in ...
And right back out ...
Yuck!!!  Who actually eats that garbage???

We dumped the entire 9x13 pan of casserole down the drain.

See how we still have the same amount on our plates?

Glad I didn't have that casserole planned for dinner last night! We would have been making a quick trip to Taco Bell!

Oh well, Lesson Learned!

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