Friday, September 17, 2010

Sometimes Plans Just Change

For those of you veteran homeschooling moms, I imagine you know this all too well. Me, however, I have a lesson plan. And I like to complete it!

But, sometimes you just have to put away what's not important. And yesterday was one of those days.

Yes, we worked on projects when we could, and Algebra got done. But, all of the miscellaneous Language Arts assignments and stuff were ditched to make sure we were taking care of him ...

He was very sick yesterday. After $320, we still are not sure what is wrong with him other than he has been not been able to keep any food or liquid down. He was lathargic. He went to the vet and had blood work done and x-rays looking for obstructions and i.v. fluids and an antibiotic shot and an anti-nausea injection. They went ahead and let us bring him home to rest, but we are going to have to watch him carefully to see if he's able to keep any food or drink down. If he's not, then back to the vet he goes.

We were supposed to go do clay sculpting at our favorite art museum last night, but after the exhaustion of the day we decided to just skip it.

I hated getting off track with school. But Crusoe is a member of our family and we love him. And when someone in your family is sick, then he or she is all that matters.

Please shoot up a prayer for Crusoe that he shakes this sickness quickly.

** Update: When we brought Crusoe home from the vet last night, he was in bad shape! He had diarrhea in Dawson's bedroom that had an odor like I have never smelled. It's so bad that even after steam cleaning, his carpet may need to be replaced. We kept him in our pool house over night in case he got sick (Crusoe, not Dawson). I honestly expected to not find him alive this morning. But, he got up (albeit very slowly), ate a little bit, drank, didn't throw any of it up, went outside and pottied, and is now resting again. He is in a lot of pain, though. Climbing stairs or getting on the bed makes him wince. I called the vet and the fact that he had a bowel movement tells her that he likely does not have an obstruction, but probably ate something wood related (mulch, stick, wooden block) that has torn up his intestines. He will be on two stomach medications and is getting a pain pill today. All we care about is that he is okay. It was scary and neither Dawson nor I slept worth a darn last night. I even cried when I went to bed. This is the most attached I've ever been to an animal.

Now we are going to try to do some school work today.

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