Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Dawson Says {Week of August 30th}

I have been thinking of how to start this post for about 10 minutes, so I'll just start off saying what I liked about this week: We went to the library and I got to look at some skateboarding magazines; I got to build a pyramid out of marshmallows (didn't turn out too good); I made sand art; and today we're just watching videos on National Geographic. Things I didn't like were, as usual, algebra; my mother was sick yesterday so I had to do work on my own; and, me and my girlfriend broke up. :( Well we're starting our next video so I've got to go.

Sincerely, Dawson.

{He just said, "How did you like it [his post]? Not too shabty, huh?" haha, haha, haha}

For mom's {a little more detailed} week-in-review, go here.

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