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Brynne's School Areas

Brynne's desk fit perfectly into our school room. It was as though she was always meant to be there.

Here is her desk with all of her supplies. She sits right behind my desk so I can just turn around and work with her, and its right next to my shelf of books and supplies. It works perfectly! We plan to put some type of bulletin board up, or even just hang a clothesline, for her work and art. But for now we are just sticking it to the wall with sticky tack. She loves to have her work right there in front of her.

When we need to do whiteboard work, she moves over to the antique desk and watches as I instruct. Sometimes she even stands up to it and does her work there.

Here are some features of her areas:
  • She has her sight words and letter bag hanging next to her desk. Once a week she takes the letter bag and finds three objects that start with our letter-of-the-week. Then we stamp the letter on the bag. When we are done with all 26 letters we will have a full alphabet bag.

  • We moved all of the toys to our attached storage room. So that left us with two large dormers with lots of light. One of them is now the "Reading Park". See the features? There's a "fire hydrant" that will hold reward gumballs, a park bench, a tree, "flowers" in the form of a beanbag and a "water feature" in the form of a large blue body pillow. Her and the puppies love it!

  • The other dormer has her kitchen set, kitchen supplies and some chairs. This is her centers area so when she is ready to play centers she can go into the storage room and choose a tub to bring to this dormer to play. It's right there with Dawson and I so she can play quietly while he and I work.

  • We have one other wall that we plan to turn into our "Town Square". It will have a clock tower, work schedule and calendar bulletin board. Hopefully I will get this done in the next week or so.
Do you get the theme behind our room? It will be "Taulman Town" when it is finished.

One last feature, that I stole from Samantha at To Be Busy at Home, is the letter collage wall border. I love this idea!! Each week Brynne is going to decorate a large uppercase and lowercase letter with items that start with that letter (this week it was Apple Jacks, ants and apples on her A's). We are sticking them to the wall, by the ceiling, and they will wrap all in and out of her dormers and through the Town Square. Cool feature!!


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