Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Food Pyramid ~ Healthy Eating Science Unit

Dawson is a terrible eater! Always has been!

As part of his study on Ancient Greece, he is doing a science unit on healthy eating. Of course that includes use of the Food Pyramid.

Have you ever gone to It's an amazing site that not only allows you to input your height/weight/age/exercise level for a customized food plan, but it also has a PyramidTracker link that allows you to input that information with your daily food intake so you can track how you are doing!

That's a project I am having Dawson do, starting today.

First he is using a food plan based on his information. It tells him how many ounces or cups of the certain foods he should be eating. Then he used his recommended food plan to come up with a list of foods he would eat in those categories. I told him to concentrate on breakfast, lunch and snacks. I'll be doing my two-week grocery shopping on Friday, so I'll be sure to buy the foods he said he would definitely eat.

Then I am going to have him track his food intake on the PyramidTracker site to see how he is doing.

He has a good range of foods in all of the categories except one .... vegetables! I am going to get him some V8 Fusion and some spaghetti sauce to use with pasta and on homemade mini pizzas. Otherwise, veggies are a no-go for him. Any sneaky suggestions, other than hiding it in his food (which I do sometimes)?

We will soon be studying the health care needs of Olympic athletes. This will all tie in nicely!

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