Monday, February 28, 2011


For the most part the attitudes here in our school are really good. Are my students excited to get started in the morning? Not usually. But, they don't generally give me any trouble once I establish that we are, in fact, getting started. And then things move along rather smoothly until lunch. We usually get the majority of our schooling for the day done by then.

But then there are those days ... typically Mondays ... when the attitudes are stinky and I want to scream! The attitudes are usually prompted by a tiresome weekend of friends, xbox, late nights, sleeping in, sporadic eating. And, yes, that's my fault because I allow it. But, after a week of working so hard I feel that it's important that he they get the opportunities to do those things, especially since there is not a lot of socialization that goes on during the week.

But all of this justification doesn't make the attitude any easier to handle.

So, I think I will give him them 15 more minutes, will go discuss the importance of a good working atittude especially since he they had the weekend off, and then we'll get started.

But I think I'll have one more cup of coffee first. Because, it's definitely Monday.


  1. This made me smile! (As I'm about to do the very same thing.) We're in this together, my friend. You are not alone! Every bit of it is like our house: late nights, xbox, sporadic eating, etc.

    Happy Monday! *as I go to the coffee pot for the 2nd time myself*

  2. double ditto here (I have two teens =),
    I just remind them that they earn their freedom (priviledges) for the week ends by getting their work done (with good attitudes). Our Mondays are intentionally a bit different than the rest of the week to help get motivated.
    Enjoy your Monday!

  3. so did it work out ok? I hope so Mondays do stink sometimes.

    we've been dealing with my oldest getting bullied by 2 girls. I finally went into mommy lion mode and went to the school to talk to everyone who would listen to me :)

  4. hhhmmmmmm, I think I'm the one with the attitude lately--I don't want to get started in the mornings! Perhaps, I'll work on that.


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