Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up {sNOw we didn't get much done}

We only got in one day of school before the record-breaking snows hit Oklahoma. Our rule is that if there is no public school, we don't have school either (because we have two public school children.)

There was a slight exception, however. Next week Dawson and Rick are going to Tahoe to go snowboarding and Dawson will miss four days of school. He had to make that up. So, on Monday we did four days worth of Bible, Language Arts and Pre-Algebra. It was a long day! And even though we had a "snow day" on Tuesday, we still had four days worth of Social Studies and Science to accomplish, and an essay to write. My student was reluctant, but put in the time to get it done. Now we only have one more day to make up, and we'll do that on our next day of school.

Our A World of Adventure curriculum has us starting a new unit, The Middle Ages and Plant Science. As a reminder, with this curriculum all of our Bible, Language Arts and Literature will be related to these two topics. That's what I love about this curriculum .. everything goes together.

So, this week we started reading A Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli, reviewed a map of England, took notes on the basic culture and guilds in The Middle Ages, took notes on the kingdoms and classes of plants and dissected and diagrammed a daisy. Dawson also started a new spelling unit, learned more about helping verbs, started an essay about the friendship of two characters in A Door in the Wall and learned letter writing (he chose to write a letter to Santa.) Lastly he did two chapters in Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents and took a Bridge test. I let him take off Spanish and Typing.

Brynne did one day of school, also, and started learning about "N", which she already knows of course. We did read A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza, as part of our For the Birds study. We talked about adoption and talked about the similarities and differences between her and I. We planned to make bird feeders for our backyard birds and "adopt" them this week, but with the extreme blizzard I just threw them together on Tuesday and took them out. So, that lesson kind of got lost in the snow, so to speak.

We did make Chocolicious Bread Pudding on our snow day. Don't let the picture fool you .. they were GROSS! We dumped them in the trash.

And that's been it for us this week.

Just snow.

And next week looks like it might be more of the same. We got a couple more inches last night and are supposed to get more on Sunday and on Wednesday. I don't see any way our schools will be in session next week.

Still linking up to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers this week, though!


  1. The Chocolicious Bread Pudding looks delish! I guess looks can be deceiving, huh?

    Stay warm & cozy!

  2. Our younger DD is adopted too! I hope you have/will discuss the Scripture of "all of us (Gentiles)" being adopted into the Body of Christ! What a glorious adotion story! Did you know that in Roman times, a "natural" child could be disinherited, but not an adopted child?
    Good luck with the snow days! You may find your P.S. parents asking for homeschooling advice to keep up their students!


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