Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Harper Collins Children's Books {Living Books Tool}

The more and more I homeschool, the more and more I am buying into the Charlotte Mason Living Books concept ... just read a great book and learn. How easy is that?

We've used Living Books extensively this year, mostly with Dawson. It's easy with historical fiction. And then I heard about Living Books for math... for young learners. Honestly, it hadn't occurred to me.

This week Brynne started learning about grouping numbers ... hundreds, tens, ones. We've used legos and bundled sticks (a review is coming up on one of these products). So I decided to browse our library electronic card catalog for possible books to go along with this concept, or other math concepts. I chose about six books.

On the back of one of the books I saw a reference to Math Start and a website. When I typed it in it redirected me to Harper Collins Children's Books.

First of all, there are a lot of resources there! There are book guides, activities, author tour dates and many other things.

In the search box I typed in "Math Start" and it pulled up 70 books. Now, I am a cheapo homeschooler, so I won't be purchasing any of these books. But, I do now have a list of math Living Books that I can request from our public library. And, then I can use any of the lessons guides and activities provided on the website for those books.

For instance, one of the books I checked out from the library was Missing Mittens written by Stuart J. Murphy and illustrated by G. Brian Karas. (This book is really about odd and even numbers, but it proved to me that Living Books for math really do exist. There was another one called A Pair of Socks that I am going to get for my public school son to read, because he has had some difficulty with the "pairs" issue.)

I can go here to get additional activities to do with the Missing Mittens.

You can also browse the books online before you purchase them or check them out from your local library!

This was a nice resource to locate. Thought I would pass it alog.

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