Monday, February 21, 2011

Plant Fertilization ... huh???

Dawson is studying plant science and today was the 'ol fertilization topic. We read our notes, looked at a couple of diagrams and he said, "Huh?" No, maybe that was me.

Anyway, we had a general idea as to what was happening, but to be able to put it into words, or diagram it ourselves, might be pushing it.

I wanted a way for him to better visualize what was going on. So I found this .. an animation of the pollination and fertilization process (the life cycle of angiosperms).

I looked it over and it made things much clearer for me. I'll have Dawson watch it tomorrow. Just a note .. I chose to watch the non-narration version because the narration version uses the big, authentic scientific words for every little thing and it's a little much for an 8th grader and his mama teacher. But I do know that I can now read him his notes while he is watching the animation and he'll have a better understanding of the process. Or at least I will. And isn't that half the battle?

The internet is a wonderful thing.

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  1. We are using Apologia Botany for science. This site is amazing. I looked at the animation but it is a little advanced for my daughters, who are in 3rd and 5th grade. I bookmarked it for when they are older. Thank you!


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