Thursday, March 24, 2011

For the Birds ~ LAST book and activity {for the week of March 28th}

Our For the Birds study has been more than fun and educational ... it has set the pace for how we will do studies from here on out. We have found that the best way to learn for us is to take a Focus Book and build our lessons from it.

We only have one more book to complete our series. Then we will be moving on to a three-week series on Easter. To see the entire series of For the Birds lessons, you can go here.

Next week we will read and do activities based on the book The Perfect Nest written by Catherine Friend and illustrated by John Manders.

And here are the activities we will be doing ...

* Making an edible nest. Thanks, Stacey, for the great idea!

* Making a beautiful nest by making a small yarn bowl and adding blown eggs.

* Providing nest balls for our feathered friends. We will use old onion and apple bags, fill them with yarn, cotton, string, scraps of fabric, etc., and hang them outside for the birds to use in building their nests.

* Watching a live eagle's nest on the Eagle cam found here.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!


  1. Those sound like great activities for your study!

  2. "Focus book and build our lessons from that" know I love that! :) Glad its working for you too!

  3. That edible nest looks so great! Thanks for sharing the link. What fun.


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