Monday, March 28, 2011

Real Life Learning ~ The Grocery Store

Every other Friday Brynne and I go grocery shopping. I am one that makes a very specific list based on a very specific menu with a very specific amount of money. We go to Aldi and then the Walmart Supercenter. Brynne loves to go to the grocery store and she is a huge help.

I came across these cool downloads at Reading Rockets ~ Grocery Store Activity Sheets.

I am definitely going to take a couple of these with us on our next trip to the store (this Friday.) She will love them!


  1. we do math problems in the grocery store she is getting really good at subtraction. we also do spelling!

    you can learn just about anywhere :)

  2. Good for you being so cost and menu conscious. I am horrible at grocery shopping and often find myself just grabbing random things that look good at the time. So bad.
    That activity looks great. I will have to go check out that site.


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