Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Math ~ Taking it Outside!

We took a week off for Spring Break last week and headed to Pensacola, Florida, to stay at my parents' vacation home. What a fabulous week!

We got home Friday night and I didn't even unpack the car until Saturday. Instead I collapsed in bed early since I had driven for 13 1/2 hours straight.

On Saturday I made a grocery list, went to the grocery store and started on housework. On Sunday I did more housework. It was around Sunday morning that I realized I had not requested any books Brynne would need for school this week. So instead of starting our unit on Time and our last For the Birds study on The Perfect Nest, I switched gears and decided to do a Spring unit this week instead.

So we are doing a unit on Butterflies and Spring Math. I have requested some books from the library that are already local (don't need to be sent through intralibrary loan), that I can pick up today, and we can use them the rest of the week. We are going to do a lapbook and learn about the life cycle, parts of a butterfly, etc., and do some crafts.

For today I printed off a Spring Butterfly Color-by-Number that had addition problems. I took sidewalk chalk and wrote all of the problems on our driveway.

Then I gave Brynne some sidewalk chalk and a sand bucket of pebbles. I would call out a problem, she'd find it, use the pebbles to help her count if she didn't know the answer, and write the answer with chalk.

Then she came in and colored the picture according to the color chart. It was a fun way to take Math outdoors on this nice Spring day!

I have requested everything we will need to get back on track next week.

Isn't the freedom of homeschooling great?

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