Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning Resources Place Value and Counting Pocket Chart {Review}

You can read about the other products I recently reviewed for CSN Stores here, here and here. I chose to review all products from to take advantage of some free homeschooling resources.

Last week Brynne had the opportunity to try out the Place Value and Counting Pocket Chart from Learning Resources.

We had just started learning place values of tens and ones and she was having a little bit of trouble grasping the concept. So, we used Legos to make groups of ten and as individual ones, as the workbook she was using demonstrated with like blocks. She started to understand it a little better.

But then I got out the Place Value and Counting Pocket Chart. I didn't hang it up, but just put it on the coffee table where she was working. Within minutes she had completely grasped the concept and was happily solving the problems. She said, "This is fun!" We used the pocket chart all week, and I have plans to use it again this week to expand on what she has learned.

The product is of high quality, and would be an excellent addition to any classroom (homeschool or public). It has bright colors, is highly visible, the pockets are sturdy, the sticks bind together easily with rubber bands and it has a nice storage pocket.

We have only used it for tens and ones, and will be able to expand and use it for values of 100 when we are ready for it.

Great product! Great value! Highly recommended!

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