Monday, January 31, 2011

Do-A-Dot Art! Sponge Tip Applicators and Creative Activity Book {Review}

I mentioned previously that I had been contacted by CSN to review of some of their products. It was difficult to decide what to order, but I ultimately decided to take advantage of some free educational materials. I have six different products to review, and I will review one each Monday for the next six weeks.

I had always seen "dot markers" and thought they looked cool, but never bought them. I took this opportunity to get some because I knew Brynne would love them. And, she does! I got the Picture Me a Princess Creative Activity Book to go with the Sponge Tip Applicators. It's just fun to color a picture with dots!

As much as she likes to just have fun playing with them, I really wish I would have gotten them for her when she was younger. They would be so great for learning to write letters and numbers, and when she was first learning to write her name! I plan to have her use them in math assignments, for addition and graphing and grouping numbers.

The quality of the product is excellent. They appear very sturdy, are easily gripped and the lids fit on tightly. These are on the top of our markers and other coloring books in our craft drawer, because they are the first ones to be played with.

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