Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review ~ Your Backyard by Crowe's Nest Media

A few months ago I won a copy of Your Backyard  by Crowe's Nest MEDIA. I had read reviews of this video on other blogs, and since Brynne and I were going to be starting a lengthy bird study I was really excited to watch it. And I was not disappointed!

What I loved ...
  • It is a Creation-based documentary about birds you would likely find in your backyard, so God's design for each of the birds is emphasized.
  • It breaks down the descriptions of the birds by bird color groups, making it easier to remember and locate on the video should you be in a hurry to try to figure out which bird you are seeing/hearing.
  • There is a huge emphasis on bird calls and sounds, so identifying birds by sounds only will be possible and fun to try!
  • Many of the birds in the video are birds we currently have in our backyard, and ones that will be back come spring. I can't wait for their return!
  • It made us really excited to get some more bird feeders out soon, not only for our spring birds but for our current winter birds, as well.
What I didn't love ...
  • Brynne, being 5, lost interest about half-way through. She may be a little young to absorb it all in one viewing. There really is a lot of information. But it was interesting and fun enough that I know she will want to watch it again. Next time we will just watch small portions at a time.
  • It only showcases birds of Eastern and Central U.S., so you West-Northerners may not get as much out of it. I'm not sure about that.
If you have a chance to pick up this video, do it!  Or you can go here to order your own copy. It would be a valuable tool for any bird study.

** I was not compensated in any way for doing this review. I was asked by Crowe's Nest Media to review the dvd, if I would like. And I was happy to do it. The opinions set out in the post are my actual feelings about the product.

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